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EP Out Now On Bandcamp

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My debut EP “Naranja” is out now, available to buy on CD, download or stream on the marvellous website Bandcamp. The EP contains four original tracks, everything written, played, sang, shaken and recorded by me in my home studio. If you interested, here’s’a little about each track.. Sci-Fi Movie A love song in space, well in the romantic roaming mind of a sci-fi fan at least. The piano loop of this song was actually the nub of the whole song which I think works well against the alternating pick and…read more

Naranja Launches At Summer Strum

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Summer Strum really is a terrific ukulele festival. Now in its third year in its Hoylake home this Wirral based wonderland of music is an outdoor weekend of fun, ukes and charity fund raising. At Summer Strum the acts play for free, the organisers work for free, it’s even free to get in. Yes indeed, free is the magic number (sorry, I couldn’t resist). So if you attend do enter the raffle, pop some pennies in a collection, attend the fundraising events and support the deserving charities of MIND and Wirral…read more

Summer Schedule

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I have lots more gigs and events coming up this year and here are some of the hi-lights so far! Radio Deeside: Oh yes! The Cheesecutters are a local folk band who host a show on Radio Deeside and they’ve asked me to come in as guest on Wednesday June 21st to chat and, I presume, perform a few tunes! I cannot wait for that one! Celebrate Holywell: This is a day of decades to celebrate the town and I have stepped up for ukulele players everywhere and taken on the 1920’s and 1930’s…read more

London 0 Huddersfield 5

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As a ukulele festival goer, I am excited. As a ukulele music journalist I am very excited. As a ukulele artist I am over excited for it’s just over a week before the wonderful 5th instalment of the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival and this year, I get to perform! I’ve been a musician much longer than I’d care to comment and I have a lot of gigs under my belt yet I cannot remember a time when I was more delighted to be booked to play somewhere. GNUF, despite being a sprightly  5 years young, has…read more

Manitoba Hal

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Well! It is my genuine and very great pleasure to announce I will be supporting the legendary Manitoba Hal at Conwy Folk Club on April 15th! Tickets will be available around 30 days from the event from the Folk Club website priced £7.50. Aside from the fact that Hal is a terrific performer, it is a personal privilege to open for him as he was just about the first ukulele player I came across when I first started out who showered me with inspiration. Watching Hal’s videos made me think “wow, you…read more

2017 Gigs

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Gigs for 2017 are starting to come in so I thought I’d post a few key dates so far which include [drum roll please]… a spot at the outstandingly legendary GNUF – a Grand Northern Ukulele Festival… I am SO excited!!! I shall also be playing at the wonderful Summer Strum, you can of course catch me at Blukulele every month at Blue Bell Inn Halkyn and I shall be heading deeper into Wales in January to visit the lovely people of Colywn Bay. And there’s more to follow! Did somebody…read more


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My debut EP as The Boy With The Greyhound Tattoo is coming very very soon! At the time of writing it’s going to be a six track EP, will be called “Naranja” and be available to purchase exclusively  through Bandcamp at a bargain price I have no doubt! It will be available on download and CD and feature six original songs, including just a little dab of Twin Hazey for old times sake. I dare say promotional badges will come into it somewhere too. All the tracks are written, demo’d and ready to roll…read more

Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)

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I am very lucky in the fact I have recently bought myself a DJ Morgan soprano ukulele… birds eye maple body, spruce top and a buttery smooth mahogany neck. The next stop will be fitting a Mi-Si pick-up for live work but I thought it time, having had this lovely thing for a few weeks, to stand in front of a microphone and record something. So here’s my version of “Rotterdam” by The Beautiful South. There’s just a still of me playing my new instrument on the YouTube upload, I didn’t make an actual video. It’s…read more


Performing With The Ukelites

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It was my VERY great pleasure to perform with The Ukelites over the weekend both as support act and part time bass player at The Blue Bell Inn and at The Tap ‘n’ Barrel in Wigan where I reprised my honorary bass role. Thank you to everyone who came to the shows and gave their enthusiastic support, thank you to venues for putting on the gigs and a HUGE thank you to Miri, Steffen & Luckie for coming over from Munich to perform for us. You guys were utterly sensataional and…read more