Where would Fudge have been without The @Buzzcocks @EddieEddiboy70 ? #RIPPeteShelley

Pizza for tea!!! 🍕

One more new review today #ukulele fans... Check out the Latin beats & R&B voice of the marvellous @EdwardUkulele

I just Googled "cloche" in error meaning to type "cliche" and inadvertently learned a new French word. Ding ding. 🛎️

Our 2nd new review today is a true nostalgic gem from @ukulelepockets

RIGHT THEN... time to get back to what we do best.
We're working on 3 new album reviews today!

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" is terrific #netflix #coenbrothers Just sayin' 🤠

Of all the musical equipment to want, a percussion table seems to be currently top of my list!

It's #CyberMonday All my downloads are FREE today (and every other day... but don't tell anyone)...

Pretty pleased to see #thelastkingofpop has the grown up version of "Don't Marry Her" which adds that extra little bit of @PaulHeatonSolo lyrical clout.

Wasn't Marc Gallagher amazing!!!!!!!!!
A big thank you to everyone who came to make Blukulele awesome & a HUGE THANK YOU to those that helped fold the chairs, move the tables, wash the mugs and help return the hall its natural state!

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