Watching two *slightly* contrasting music movies tonight... #AStarIsBorn & #TheDirt 🤠vs😈

Ordered a new power supply for my synth in the honest hope it still overheats so I have an excuse to buy a @Roland_UK piano 😃

On the back of my 90's article the #TwinHazey Facebook page has had 4 views. Time for a comeback @EddieEddiboy70, that's a clear public mandate ;) #Hazit

.@JustinMadders currently calling for the reform and strengthening of the Hunting Act, as well as calling for better enforcement, to ensure a reduction in illegal hunting.


My article in the current issue of UKE Magazine happily salutes the fabulous @ShiiineOn_ Weekender 2018... the best 90's fun I've had since, well the 90's!

My letter of resignation from the frontbench. More to follow

Horrified this morning to hear of the atrocity in Christchurch. Sick twisted f**kers.

It feels rather peculiar to put a baked potato in the oven at 9:15 in the morning. Actually, it is just a potato at the moment. It will BECOME a baked potato 🥔

There's a lot left to do on the EP so I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I've nailed some lovely merch designs to accompany the release 🐸

Are you interested in taking part in our 2019 Sleep-out. Can you get a team together to help raise funds for our charity? Give us a call on 01352 706840 and speak to one of our fundraisers. Make a huge difference to all those affected by Universal Credit.

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