Look at the lovely things @Summer_Strum said.... aww shucks... see you in July at this fabulous festival with an ALL NEW SET LIST!

Mmmmmm 2019 is taunting me with this too. What do you reckon @EddieEddiboy70 ?

Another of our favourite bands (there's loads of them you know!) Jefferson Milkfloat are playing The Elephant in Parkgate this evening, turn your Blue Monday into a happy cheerful Monday...

Oh why do I covert shiny orange equipment so?

There's a rather fabulous movie on #channel4 #muppets

Blukulele 2019! We are giddily excited to announce the guest star for the next event is none other than Andrew Daniels (AndyDan) who will be coming up from South Wales to entertain us on February 23rd!
Tickets are available now!!!!

It's almost time! The Uke Planet Pack #ukulele tuition group starts on Wednesday 9th in #Halkyn Parish Hall at 6PM #holywell #mold #flintshire

Had a first rehearsal of 2019 today and it all sounded rather good which bodes well.

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