Chilling in my sun drenched campervan listening to Penguin Cafe Orchestra #bliss

Lyric of the day...
"I'm knitting with only one needle" - Freddie Mercury

What a beautiful sunny day to play on the grass with your actual greyhound.

I just want to officially thank @NorthernUke for the opportunity that made #fakeplastictigers happen & also thank every single person who came to see us & make the whole thing "so ******* special". You guys are THE best xx

It's #Gotham day!

Bless you @NorthernUke for booking the legendary @gentlemanrhymer #chaphop

I love this #fakeplastictigers photo of #GNUF2018 taken by Saskia just before we started. It was a true honour to be part of both the band & the festival. Big BIG love.

That's a wrap for #GNUF2018 & it was just fabulous!!! @NorthernUke team, you are all incredible people xxxx

VERY Happy Tigers ♥️ #GNUF2018

Fake Plastic Tigers 🐯 @NorthernUke #GNUF #GNUF2018 @mflah

Look it’s a Fake Plastic Tiger thanks to Fake Plastic Tigers 🐅 @mflah @NorthernUke #GNUF #GNUF2018

Here we go... See y'all at #GNUF2018 #ukulele

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