It's not every day you're mentioned in a German newspaper 😀😀😀 @SZ

Zupf' Dich!

Ukulelisten von nah und fern in der Glockenbachwerkstatt

One more rehearsal then I'm off to Germany...

WATCH: We’ve been on the lookout for a new video from Zander Zon, and he just came through with a new, incredible all-bass arrangement. In this clip, Zander takes on the Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello tune, “Señorita.”

Stocking up the phone with Mozart, Beethoven & Schoenberg for a trip to Austria. Except lots of contemplative photos with statues 🤔

Ahhh, one of my fondest memories of our various trips to the US was sailing on the @SSBadgerFerry & playing Badger Bingo 😁

My performance of "Praise You" by @FatboySlim at the wonderful @Summer_Strum festival has made it to YouTube!

Another favourite @Summer_Strum photo of 2019 with my buddy @davidsung200 #ukulele

Looks like I was ready to give that looper a good STOMP @Summer_Strum last weekend! Thank you @snowarchitects for the cracking photo!

The @divinecomedyhq were in fine form on @ZoeBallTV yesterday rocking some @ABBA no-less, the tremendous @simonlittle demonstrating his @kalabranduk U-Bass skills again. Terrific!

Watched an old documentary about #themunsters last night. @YouTube really is an bottomless mine of distraction.

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