Kingfisher T-Shirt

The Boy With The Greyhound Tattoo

a musician, performer, songwriter & composer

What’s new Scooby Doo?

New album “Kingfisher” is OUT NOW (1st Feb 2023) on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, VOD and pretty much wherever you usually get your tunes to download, stream or purchase on CD & cassette!

New T-shirt – The Kingfisher T-shirt is now on Amazon for only £13.99!

The Performer

I perform as The Boy With The Greyhound Tattoo.

I take a vocal microphone and some musical instruments, plug them all into a looper pedal and crank out an eclectic mix of my own songs and interesting cover versions. I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, synthesizer, piano and shake a few rattling things in the name of percussion. My style mixes 80’s/90’s indie with a just a sprinkle of electropop, a generous dash of classical orchestration and a dusting of 20th Century Minimalism.

I’m involved in some other musical projects too including Fake Plastic Tigers & The Silly Creatures. I occasionally teach, have a blog and regularly write for UKE Magazine.

In previous musical lives I played bass with the flippin’ fabulous Twin Hazey, wrote a lot of reviews and sang a few backing vocals for Suggs.

I got to play The Cavern!

Photo by Dave Cornett

The Composer

I compose under my given name.

My passion is to meld classical orchestration and Minimalism with contemporary sounds that speak to a modern audience. I focus on writing library and sync music but I am always open to discussing new projects so please get in touch and say hi.

Previous triumphs include one of my songs being released by a Spanish band and session involvement in advertising projects for Ford and some form of cheese. Academically, I fluffed my way through my undergrad music degree in the 90’s and proudly smashed my song-writing Master’s degree in 2022.

Sometimes Roxanne, the red light is necessary!