Good to hear some actual common Brexit sense courtesy of @hilarybennmp on @BBCr4today this morning.

I've been reading the latest #PaulMcCartney biography & was genuinely excited last night as I reached the page about The Frog Chorus 🐸

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Listening to The White Stripes... It's been a while 🐘

Have you got what it takes to hit all the right notes at this year's Mold Food & Drink Festival (Sep 21/22)? If so, get in touch. 🎢🎀 πŸ‘‡

The implications of #brexit are starting to feel very real. I'm exhausted from reading articles & fellow musician's fears about the cataclysmic future of performing in Europe. Help the musicians @Michael_Ellis1 @WeAreTheMU

Organisations, businesses and individuals in the creative, cultural, and sport sectors - what to expect on day one of a 'no deal' scenario

Check what you need to do if you’re taking your sports team, performing arts group or production, exhibition, or creative samples to the EU temp...

Happy Birthday Alice Cooper 🐍


AndyDan popped a new CD in our direction and we really couldn't resist... #ukulele #review

A new review for your reading pleasure... "10 Years of Super Serious Entertainment" from Crispy Jones... and it's a little corker!

So this new @WordPress Gutenberg thing. OK I admit it, it's growing on me and I'm starting to "get it".

The Specials album is brilliant and here is our favourite track Saffiyah Khan takes down sexism in a darkly funny slice of skanking brilliance. The whole album is great and doesn't flinch. Few comebacks have sounded this urgent.
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