The Boy With The Greyhound Tattoo

a ukulele, voice, bass and looper.

What’s new Scooby Doo?

T-shirts! I’ve designed three new shirts for 2019. There’s a greyhound tee and a frog tee in celebration of the new EP that’s coming very soon! And I’ve had so much fun performing “Praise You” live this year I felt compelled to make a “Fat Boy” t-shirt… just so I could get one!

And who are you again?

I am The Boy With The Greyhound Tattoo. Hello there!

I take a vocal microphone, soprano ukulele and bass guitar and plug them into my looper to crank out an eclectic mix of my own songs and interesting cover versions. I sometimes mix a synthesizer, piano and percussion into the mix too! My instruments of choice are a Dave Morgan Soprano (MiSi), Magic Fluke Flea, a Höfner bass guitar, an AKG D5 vocal mic and a pedal board to pull it all together.

I also write a ukulele music reviews website called Uke Planet and am a regular writer for UKE Magazine. I’m actively involved in some other musical projects too including Fake Plastic Tigers, Hobbelpaard & Beige Fraggle. I even teach a little uke now and again.

In past musical lives I played bass with flippin’ fabulous Twin Hazey, sang a few backing vocals for Suggs and fluffed my way through a music degree.

I got to play The Cavern!

Photo by Dave Cornett