The Cavern

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George Harrison was one of the world’s most famous ukulele players (plus he was in some band from Liverpool) and to celebrate what would have been his 75th birthday legendary venue The Cavern¬†are hosting their second ukulele festival in his honour on 25th February. Pop over to the website for further information.

I am terrifically excited as, yes ratfans, I have been invited to perform! How exciting is that! To perform in The Cavern in honour of George Harrison! Knock me down a proverbial feather!

This is my first gig of the year so I’ve penned a 4 song set for the occasion. It is a requirement that each act perform a song written by George (and rightly so) which I have hopefully now mastered so with just over a month to go I can sit back now and relax. What’s that? Of course I’m joking, I shall rehearse the set to be as good as I can be, it’s not every day you’re asked to play at The Cavern now is it! I shall be taking my looper pedal too, in fact all four songs feature it so I really had better not forget it on the day!

It’s going to be a sensational festival full of brilliant acts I’m sure and I am pumped with adrenaline at the mere thought of enjoying all that wonderful performing. A big thank you in advance to The Cavern and all the people who have given their time to organise this splendid event. See you there folks, I’m on at 2PM!