Mike Flaherty

“It’s happy hour again and again and again”



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I am a singer, songwriter, musician, busker, performer and lover of music.

I play, write and perform ukulele music under the pseudonym  of  The Boy With The Greyhound Tattoo.

I play soprano ukulele, keyboards, bass, guitar and vigorously shake percussion to present my own unique musical style mixing contemporary and traditional acoustic music with indie and pop. I regularly busk and perform gigs of an eclectic mix of my own songs and interesting cover versions the latter heavily featuring the music of Mr Paul Heaton and other 90’s icons.

I also write a ukulele music reviews website called Uke Planet and am a regular writer for UKE Magazine.

In past musical lives I played bass with flippin’ fabulous Twin Hazey, sang a few backing vocals for Suggs and fluffed my way through a music degree.