EP Out Now On Bandcamp


My debut EP “Naranja” is out now, available to buy on CD, download or stream on the marvellous website Bandcamp.

The EP contains four original tracks, everything written, played, sang, shaken and recorded by me in my home studio.

If you interested, here’s’a little about each track..

  1. Sci-Fi Movie
    A love song in space, well in the romantic roaming mind of a sci-fi fan at least. The piano loop of this song was actually the nub of the whole song which I think works well against the alternating pick and strum ukulele sections. I had the studio luxury of adding a harmony to the “ooo” which I really like & I find the ukulele chunk provides all the percussion the song needs.
  2. His Name Is John
    Everyone has bad days at work but the thoughts going through this chap’s mind go into a much darker place. This is one of my favourite songs as it brings in the other passions in my musical life in the form of bass guitar and a sprinkle of a synthesizer solo. Percussion comes courtesy of the always useful egg.
  3. Woah Woah Woah
    This is the only track on the EP that’s a ukulele solo composition so it was great fun to add a little colour through harmonies. The song looks at the mad men of the world and politely suggests they all just calm down.
  4. It’s Just Another Melancholy Day
    A second appearance of a piano loop, harmonising half way through, in what is actually quite a happy song. Despite our subject’s dejection he is at peace with his melancholy which I believe is quite a healthy thing to be if you find yourself stranded in life. This song features some animal friendly wooden bongos, played live of course.

If you’re REALLY interested it was recorded on a Tascam DP-24 via a Sampson mic and Line POD 6 X3 Pro. I used my two utterly favourite soprano ukes, my Mango Flea & D J Morgan spruce top. My bass guitar is my faithful Twin Hazey buddy, a Yamaha Attitude and the synth is a Yamaha CS2X.

It’s available right now at theboywithgreyhoundtattoo.bandcamp.com, you know what to do!