Naranja Launches At Summer Strum

Summer Strum 2017

Summer Strum really is a terrific ukulele festival. Now in its third year in its Hoylake home this Wirral based wonderland of music is an outdoor weekend of fun, ukes and charity fund raising. At Summer Strum the acts play for free, the organisers work for free, it’s even free to get in. Yes indeed, free is the magic number (sorry, I couldn’t resist). So if you attend do enter the raffle, pop some pennies in a collection, attend the fundraising events and support the deserving charities of MIND and Wirral Hospice.

Your reward is two stages, over 30 ukulele acts, workshops, stalls and even some sunshine (don’t worry, I’ve had a word with Tomasz Schafernaker, it’s sorted!). You can pop in for an afternoon, you can camp the whole weekend and enjoy jamming with your toast and jam. It’s friendly, fun and really is one of the highlights of my year. I genuinely ♥ it.

And with that affection in mind it is with great pride I can announce that my long awaited debut EP WILL BE FOR SALE AT SUMMER STRUM! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Freshly back from the duplicators and still waiting to be assembled in their cases complete with a free button badge, my CD will be available to purchase from the merch stall at Summer Strum for a mere £3 of your earthly pounds. I hope you buy one, I hope you enjoy it too! It will of course be available to buy on CD or download online soon after (more info of that soon) but for now let us focus on Summer Strum, what better place to launch my debut.

I am performing at the festival too of course (twice in fact) and will naturally be playing tracks from the EP so indeed try before you buy ;)

  • 13:50 – Jules’ Hootenanny Party Tent
  • 15:00 – Main Stage

I am excited to be part of a new feature this year, “Afternoon Delight Sessions – Songwriter’s Spotlight” which of course fits like the proverbial glove with my new EP which contains 100% original material.

So thank you Summer Strum for inviting me to play at your delightful and enjoyable festival, thank you for having a merchandise outlet for my wee contribution to the someone’s CD collection, and thank for you all the hard work you guys put  in throughout the year and especially on the weekend itself. I’ll see y’all on Saturday!